I hail from Devonshire originally, having first picked up the sticks at the age of 13. This was inspired by the spur-of-the-moment purchase of an old Premier kit from a dodgy second-hand shop, and put an end to 7 years at war with the piano.

Five years of diverse musical experiences followed, playing in a trad jazz band, a big band, a pit orchestra for several musicals, a rock ‘n’ roll band, a pop covers band and, of course, a heavy metal band (mandatory for all kit drummers in the 80s). Formal tuition followed a fairly traditional route, using the Guildhall School of Music.

After moving to Bath in 1987 I played in a series of popular local bands at many of the well-known venues, including rock and funk bands plus local indie legends the almost-famous Grandma’s Hamster. During the nineties, I made a lot of the musical friends and contacts I now have the fortune of working with.

The bulk of my playing nowadays is with semi-legendary rock trio El Toro supplemented by 80s tribute beauties Rubix Groove, and Dudlow Joe (boogie, blues, Nyorleans Funk). I also regularly dep for many local bands getting regular calls due to my years of experience, and reputation for solid, accurate playing.

As a teacher, I run private lessons from my fully-equipped studio in Bath drawing on the many years of experience playing with other musicians in many environments. I focus on the application of creative and musical thinking to grooves in a song situation, and lessons tend to centre around playing with backing tracks. I also coach more advanced players on specific areas they may be having problems with, and take younger players through the Trinity Guildhall examination process. Lessons are predominantly 1-1, although I have run both group and school workshops on occasion.

Between 2008 and 2011 I was Course Director for Rhythmfest (formerly the Bath Rhythm Course) after having been involved for about 5 years. This was one of the biggest education events of it’s type in Europe with the list of tutors and artists reading like a who’s who of drumming.

Current setup

I am proud to be supported by Protection Racket cases, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Mapex Drums – I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough for their quality of product and unfailing support.

Mapex Armory drums (Aquamarine)

8,10,12,16 toms, 22 bass drum

Mapex Saturn drums (Sterling Silver Sparkle lacquer)

10,12,14,16 toms, 22 bass drum

Black Panther Wraith snare, Black Panther maple snare, Ludwig Acrolite snare, Highwood VG Birch Snare

Mapex Meridian Maple drums (blue lacquer, teaching studio kit)


Paiste Cymbals

2oo2 Series 17″ crash, 20″ Medium, 22″ Ride, 14″ Medium Hats

2002 Black Label 22″ ride

Masters Series 14″ dark hats, 18″ China

602 Modern Essentials 18″ and 16″ crashes

Dark Energy 8″ Splash

Signature 18″ Reflector crash

Alpha 18″ Swiss Crash

Giant Beat 20″ Multi

Other kits

I’m also a bit of a vintage Premier nut, so have a pair of 1980s Projector kits. Love’em 🙂